Session Chair Instructions


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Chairs of plenaries and oral technical sessions:

Session Chairs should verify prior to their sessions that all their speakers/presenters are indeed present, and the chairs should obtain information for giving a very brief introduction of each speaker. A minimal introduction of a presenter by a Chair would include the names and affiliations of the co-authors and the title of the paper. Chairs may add additional introductory information at their own discretion.

No later than 15 minutes prior to their presentations, the Speakers should go to the lecture room where their session is scheduled.

As a general rule Speakers will not be allowed to use their own laptops, tablets or other devices to give their presentations.  Speakers must upload their presentation to the central ICCM20 presentation system in the Speaker Ready Room the day before or at least three hours prior to the presentation.

The total time for normal oral presentations is 20 minutes – 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions.  Keynotes are given 40 minutes in total – 30-35 minutes for the presentation and 5-10 minutes for questions. Plenaries are given a total of 50 minutes in total – 40 minutes for the presentation and up to 10 minutes for questions.

After the oral presentation has been given, the session Chair should ask the audience for questions/comments. Please ensure that only one person speaks at the time. Please also ask the questioner to wait for the microphone (in the large lecture halls/rooms), and please remember to ask the questioner to state his/her affiliation before passing the question/comment.

Please be aware that, to enable strict adherence to the time schedule, the session Chair will have to be very strict in administering time. The session Chair should give a warning to the presenting author when there is 5 minutes left, and again when there is 3 and 1 minutes left. When the presentation time has gone, the presentation should be terminated, and the presenting author should be politely asked to leave the podium.

Session Chairs must closely follow the schedule. In the event of a "no-show," the Chair must call a session break until the next regularly scheduled presentation. These procedures have been established so that attendees can be certain when presentations of interest are occurring.


Chairs of mini-oral and poster sessions:

The poster presentations at the ICCM20 will be fully integrated in the scientific program. The poster sessions will include a short 3 minute long oral overview presentation (termed "mini-oral") of each poster given in plenum to the entire conference. This will be followed by a poster session that will take place in the “Center Stage” area of the Bella Center, where the presented posters will be on display and open for discussion. The Posters will be on display from Monday 20 July at 9.00 and until Wednesday 23 July at 16.30.

Each presenter of a “mini-oral” has been asked to prepare a maximum of 3 slides on PowerPoint template provided by the ICCM20 organisation. All the mini-oral presentations have been uploaded prior to the session in the Speaker Ready Room.

The mini-orals will be presented in 2 sessions on Tuesday 21 July, from 9:30-11:00 and again from 12:50-14:10. Congress Hall A2 will be equipped with 5 parallel stages (podiums) where “mini-orals” will be presented in parallel sessions. The “mini-oral” presentations will be organized according to topical Themes and Tracks.  The conference participants present in Hall A2 will be able to move around, and they will be wearing headsets which will allow them to follow the presentation(s) of their choice, and also to switch between the 5 stages according to their interests.

To enable strict adherence to the time schedule and ensure a smooth flow of the presentations, a Chair will be present at each of the 5 stages. The Chair will briefly introduce the name and affiliation of the Speaker and the title of the paper (mini-oral/poster). The Speaker will have maximum 3 minutes to give the presentation. There will be a clock on stage counting down. When the 3 minutes are up, the Speaker must walk off the stage, and the Chair should ensure that this happens immediately. There will be no time for questions during the “mini-oral” session, but there will be amble opportunity for questions and discussions during the 2 regular poster sessions from 11.00-12.00 and 14.10-15.00 taking place in the Center Stage area and in the Foyer of Bella Center.


Central upload of presentations in “Speaker Ready Room” & Technical Assistance in break out rooms:

All presentations for the ICCM20 are to be uploaded to our networked computer system in the Speakers Preview, or “Speakers Ready Room” as it is often called. Here, a technician will copy the presentation to our harddisk and run it through in the presence of the presenter. Often, typographical errors or technical difficulties (e.g. with video files) can be resolved “on the spot”.

When the presenter and we are satisfied, the presentation is uploaded to the computer in the conference room and will be ready for presentation. In the break out room, there will be technical assistance to help setting up and running the presentation on the screen. All presentations will be uploaded prior to the technical session where they are to be presented.  As a general rule, Speakers will not be able to use their own laptops, tablets or other devices to give their presentations. 


Technical Information:

Software available: Windows 7, English Enterprise, Office 2010 Pro English (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
Programs available: VLC Media Player, K-Lite Codec Pack, Adobe Reader X,  Google Chrome
Projectors run FullHD (1920x1080 pixels)

All lecture  / break out rooms will be equipped with a laser pointer