Sponsorship & Exhibition

Why become a sponsor?

Support for the conference will provide your organisation with an ultimate opportunity to maintain a high profile and communicate your message to this international audience of industry leaders and world leading scientists. Conference sponsorship is an effective platform to build relationships and brand identity. Exhibition space will also be available, enabling the opportunity to present products, services, equipment and technology to a well-defined and targeted audience. Extensive pre-conference publicity will promote your organisation to the widest possible audience.

Key arguments for becoming a sponsor for the ICCM20 include:

  • An opportunity to promote your organisation and raise your profile within the wider community under the overall ICCM20 theme of ‘Sustainable Composite Solutions to Global Challenges’.§ Promote your company name to national and international participants prior to, during and after the conference – these include decision makers, scientists, students and practitioners. § Partnerships with key professionals and specialists can be difficult and often cumbersome. We offer your organisation an opportunity to gain access to and to communicate with such professionals. We will facilitate this before, during and after the ICCM20 using social media like LinkedIn and a special ICCM20 Conferencegress App.
  •  ‘Matchmaking’ – Recruitment. Take advantage of the large amount of key professionals and potential employees that will be participating at the congress. Becoming a sponsor, you will get access to a forum on LinkedIn, specifically designed to connect with ICCM20 delegates and to discuss relevant topics as well as introducing new ideas. During the Conferencengress, you can choose to host a ‘matchmaking’ session, using the lounge area set up in the exhibition area to provide your organisation with maximum exposure. You will be able to introduce your organisation – why work with or for you? This will be organised with 5 minutes primetime on the Centre Stage followed by one-to-one meetings with delegates identified in advance.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to assisting the development of young researchers and engineering graduates.
  • Your representatives can mix informally with professionals from industry and academia from all around the world.
  • Your support of the conference will be acknowledged widely through web-based and printed material.
  • Sponsorship contributes significantly to the promotion, planning and operation of the conference, lowering the fee and enabling a higher level of participation.Sponsorship contributes significantly to the promotion, planning and operation of the conference, lowering the fee and enabling a higher level of participation.


The Payment will be settled by an invoice from Aalborg University which is to be paid within 20 days. All sponsorships and exhibition space is to be paid in full upon confirmed booking.

All invoices must be paid prior to arrival. Access will NOT be allowed if a balance is outstanding.


All Cancellations must be made in writing to the ICCM secretariat and the following cancellation policy will be enforced: 100% of the contract price if the cancellation is received within 6 months prior to the Conference.